Birth Certificate Replacement

If your birth certificate was lost, destroyed, stolen or damaged, then you must request a certified copy.

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A birth certificate is the most important official government-issued document that not only allows you to prove your identity but also your citizenship. Every American citizen has the right to obtain a birth certificate at any given time.

Birth Certificates in the US

As a US citizen, you might be wondering what a US Birth Certificate is and what it looks like. This official document registers the birth of a child for multiple purposes and can be used throughout a citizen’s life as proof of citizenship, identity, and age.

A US Birth Certificate enables the holder to request a series of other government-issued identification documents as well as prove their identity for other purposes, as described in detail below.

Uses of US Birth Certificates

A Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate is required to obtain most types of IDs as well as social benefits and even school enrollment. If you don't have one on file, you may need to order a birth certificate replacement online.

Some circumstances where you may be required to present a birth certificate include:

  • Applying for, or renewing, a passport, state photo ID, driver's license or other government-issued identification documents
  • Applying for social benefits including a Social Security Card
  • Facilitate the application process of memberships and credit cards
  • For genealogy purposes
  • Obtaining a marriage license
  • Signing up for sports
  • Registering for employment-related securities
  • Registering for School —this is a requirement for most schools since a birth certificate serves as proof of identity and age
  • Use abroad: In this case, you will have to obtain an Apostille on the certified copy of a birth certificate

These are just a few reasons you or a family member may require a Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate.

If you lost your birth certificate, or it was stolen, damaged or destroyed in a fire or natural disaster, then you must request a birth certificate replacement.

How to Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate

To obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate or a birth certificate replacement, you are required to complete a form provided by the state where the event took place, in this case, the birth state.

Thanks to our safe, easy and fast online form, you can complete your application with ease without having to spend time searching for the correct form and instructions on how to file your application.

We provide customized instructions that tell you exactly what you need to have your birth certificate delivered to your doorstep.

Order your vital records online

Vital records are records of an individual’s life events, such as birth, death and marriage. Each certificate contains information about that specific event including names, dates, and places.

If you cannot find your vital records on file and are asked to present them as proof of identity, age, or citizenship, you may obtain your birth certificate replacement easily and quickly.

This can be done from your cell phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your home. Make your online application to renew your birth certificate to use as proof of identity for you or a family member.

Each application is reviewed by our team of experts to make sure there is no information missing and that everything is correct. This way, you will avoid delays and get exactly what you are looking for when you obtain your birth certificate replacement online.


Requirements for Birth Certificate Replacements

All requests to renew or replace a copy of a birth certificate must be submitted by filling out an application form which must be signed by the applicant.

The form requires the following information to be filled out as accurately as possible:

  • Gender
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Location of birth
  • Parental information
  • Relationship to the certificate bearer (the person whose name appears on the certified copy of birth certificate you are requesting)
  • Shipping address (where you would like the birth certificate delivered, once it has been issued by the vital records office)
  • Payment information (credit or debit card details to cover the fees)

After completing the application form, you must mail it to your birth state’s vital records office along with a copy of a photo ID as proof of identity. You will also need to pay your state’s processing fee.

Government-issued photo identification documents that are acceptable for this purpose in all states include:

  • Social Security card
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport

Our quick guide on documents needed for a US birth certificate can provide you with more detailed information.

Please note that certain states may alternatively accept other forms of government-issued photo IDs as proof of identity.

In some states, birth records are closed; therefore, records are only available to direct family members like parents, siblings, grandparents, children, and spouses. Some states also require that a sworn statement verifying the identity of the applicant be provided along with the application. In such cases, you will need to sign your petition in front of a notary public.

Requirements for Birth Certificates of citizens born abroad

Every US citizen born abroad to at least one American parent, or on a US military base, must have their birth registered with the local consulate or US Embassy to have a birth certificate.

If you were born abroad, and your birth was recorded, you will be issued a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), which will also allow you to:

  • Apply for a passport
  • Claim citizenship
  • Use it as a form of ID

You can request a replacement CRBA form (FS-240) at any time through the US. Department of State. The Department of state maintains records of all registered births abroad, which facilitates the replacement of your birth certificate via mail.

To request a copy of your US birth certificate if you were born abroad, you will need:

  • Valid photo ID
  • Date and place of birth
  • Address and contact phone number
  • Full names of parents or legal guardians
  • Certificate bearer’s full name at the time of their birth
  • Serial number of your Consular Report of Birth Abroad, where available
  • Passport information, if available (date of issue, date of expiration, and passport number)
  • In case of adoption or guardianship: adoptive names, copy of the court order granting guardianship

If you were born abroad and adopted by a US citizen, and the adoption process is finalized, then you can request a US birth certificate replacement directly.

Obtain Your Birth Certificate Replacement

Thanks to our simple application process renewing or replacing a lost birth certificate has never been easier.

To obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate, you will need to:

  • Complete the online form specific to your birth state
  • Submit your online application so one of our experts will review your form to make sure all information is correct, helping you avoid any possible delays in getting a copy of your certificate
  • Once your application form is revised, you will then receive your mistake-free application with a set of personalized instructions so you can print, sign, pack and mail your application with the required documents and fee to get your birth certificate delivered to your home

This process will not only save you time, but it will also eliminate all the hassle and headache that comes with having to go to local state offices to get your birth certificate.

We offer expert assistance every step of the way and our turnaround-time is unbeatable. Our online platform allows you to obtain your government-issued certified birth certificate renewal or replacement all in one place.


FAQs about Birth Certificate replacements