Vital Records and Statistics

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What are Vital Records?

A vital record is an official document that records an individual's life events and can be used as a form of identification and also to apply for government documents and benefits.

There are four different types of vital record: birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate and divorce certificate, which are issued by the bureau of vital statistics of the state where the event occurred.

Vital records provide vital personal identifiable information about the corresponding life-event including names, dates, locations. It is a legal right of all U.S. citizens to access these documents at any given time, either for themselves or behalf of a third party.

Requesting a copy of a Vital Record

There are several services available to you when requesting a copy of a vital record:

  • A new vital record certificate
  • A replacement certificate
  • A certified copy of the vital record

A vital record certificate serves as the official record of a vital event in a person’s life. This is a referential form of identification for many other applications, requests and to process other official documents.

The official vital record certificate that you will get when you apply through U.S. Birth Certificates will display the vital information recorded at the time of the event including full names of the people involved, dates, locations and other important details.

Depending on the state where the event took place, there may also be additional information recorded which is not required nationwide, such as proof of identification (which may include copy of photo ID) or notarization of the application.

Uses of ID Documents and Vital Records

There are several instances in which a U.S. citizen may be required to present a vital record, such as:

  • Applying for a passport
  • Applying for social benefits
  • Obtaining a driver’s license or similar form of ID
  • Registering a child in the school system
  • Registering for employment related securities

There will also be times when even though it is not necessary to provide a copy of a vital record, it will be extremely beneficial. Presenting a copy of your vital record will facilitate application processes such as those for credit cards or other memberships, and some social benefits.

Additionally, applying for Vital Record certificates is common for those researching their geneology.

How to obtain Vital Records

Obtaining a copy of a vital record certificate takes time, effort and can be very stressful. Thanks to our quick and easy to complete online form. We have made the sometimes strenuous process of requesting a vital record safe and straightforward.

To obtain your birth certificate all you have to do is fill out the online form and follow our personalized instructions so you can mail your application and get your birth certificate delivered to your home.

Order your Vital Records Online

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