Refund Policy

Our customers come first. Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service if you have any request regarding our assistance services and/or your Vital Record Application, via:

Our customers may also contact us to request a refund, in accordance with the terms established in our Terms and Conditions. In this sense, please bear in mind that:

By accepting our Terms and Conditions and entering payment information, the customers clearly declare that they agree to the price of the services offered through this website. The price is displayed on the checkout page and in the confirmation email customers receive once the payment process is completed.

A refund must be requested within a maximum of 120 natural days since receiving the payment confirmation email. After this period of time, no refund requests will be approved, except in particular cases, depending on the circumstances of the customer.

To request a refund, the Customer Service shall be provided with the following information: (i) the same personal data provided in the passport application form that the customer completed and (ii) the order reference number he/she received with the payment confirmation email. It is necessary to confirm the identity of our customer in order to proceed with the refund. Otherwise, it will not be possible to proceed with the refund.

If the customer has made multiple vital record applications, each refund request needs to be filled in individually.

If the refund request is submitted within the indicated period and in compliance with the above conditions, the amount that will be refunded is as follows:

  • If the customer has hired the Standard Service, they are only considered eligible for a full refund of our services fees.
  • If the customer has hired the Premium Service and his/her vital record application has not been submitted to your Health Department state office, he/she will be considered eligible for a full refund of all charges made.
  • If the customer has hired the Premium Service and his/her vital record application has been submitted to his/her Health Department State Office, he/she will be considered eligible only for a full refund of our service fees. The fees charged by the Government for the assessment of your application are non-refundable. Only in particular cases, depending on the circumstances of the customer, we will consider whether or not to assume the fee charged by the Government.

If a refund request is approved, the reimbursement will be made to the same payment method that you used to pay the services. A confirmation email will be sent to the customer as soon as the refund has been issued. Depending on the customer’s bank, the refund process can take up to ten (10) business days from the confirmation e-mail to be completed.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, please note that:

  • We reserve the right to refuse refund requests that do not meet the above conditions.
  • Requesting a refund through your bank does not guarantee the return of the charges made for the services and is a slower process than contacting our Customer Service. Bear in mind that the customer should provide his/her bank a valid reason for what he/she claims your money back. Our Company carefully reviews refund requests through bank entities and those requests considered as fraudulent are reported to the competent authorities, together with all customer data associated with the transaction, in compliance with our legal obligations and legitimate defense of our interests and rights.
  • If the customer detects an undue or unacknowledged charge in connection with our services on the card used to hire them, please contact our Customer Service, so we can provide assistance, as well as take the corresponding steps that the Company deems appropriate.

If further information is needed concerning our Refund Policy, you can contact us at the contact page.