My birth certificate got lost, what can I do?

If your birth certificate got lost, misplaced, or damaged, you should apply for a new certified copy of your birth certificate.

A birth certificate is a critical vital record. This official document can be used to legally prove your identity and citizenship, obtain or renew identification documents, enroll in school, apply for government benefits, and more.

How do I get a copy of my birth certificate if it got lost or misplaced?

Thanks to our reliable and fast online application process, you can easily obtain a government-issued copy of your birth certificate without having to wait in line at a vital records office.

All birth certificates ordered through US Birth Certificates are certified copies that can be used as proof of identity and citizenship, to obtain a passport, to renew your driver's license, to obtain a social security card, etc.

How to replace a birth certificate destroyed or lost in a disaster

If your birth certificate got lost or destroyed in a disaster such as a fire or a hurricane, you can easily obtain a certified copy.

The most convenient way to replace a destroyed or damaged birth certificate after a catastrophe is to order a certified copy of a birth certificate online.

A certified copy of a birth certificate is issued by the office of vital statistics of the state or county where the birth took place and will have the embossed, impressed, multi-colored, or raised seal and signature of the issuing authority. It will also show the citizen’s full name at birth as well as the full names of both parents, the date and place of birth and the registration number.

What do I do if my parents lost my US birth certificate?

If neither your mother nor your father can locate a legally-valid copy of your birth certificate, you will need to apply for a certified copy of your birth certificate. This can be done by completing an online application form to have the replacement delivered to your door.

Please make sure to have the needed information as well as the required documents on hand. Documents required for application may vary depending on where the birth was registered, please select your state from the dropdown list at US Birth Certificates for detailed information.

What do I do if my birth certificate was stolen?

If your birth certificate was stolen, you should file a report with local law enforcement, as well as with the local or state vital records office where the birth occurred.

These measures will help protect you from identity theft. Once you have filed the theft, you must apply for a new copy of your birth certificate.

How to replace a lost birth certificate for use outside the US

If you require a certified birth certificate to use overseas, you need to first obtain a replacement copy of your birth certificate. Next, apply for an 'Apostille', which will grant the US birth certificate international validity so it can be used outside the US.

A certified copy of a birth certificate with an apostille is commonly used when marrying abroad, to start an international adoption process, or to apply for dual citizenship.

How to replace a lost birth certificate of a US citizen born abroad

Citizens of the United States born outside US territories who have lost or misplaced their birth certificate can also obtain a copy of their birth record.

Replacing a birth certificate for US citizens born abroad entails a slightly different process. The form required depends on the date of birth and is detailed in the guide linked above.