Finding Out Your Time of Birth

Learning the hour you were born might be more useful than you think.

The time of your birth is not as important for matters of bureaucracy as the day of your birth. There are a lot of personal details on a birth certificate that are much more essential for paperwork.

When you ignore the strictly bureaucratic reasons, the time of your birth becomes important.

The time of your birth can help you with:

  • Genealogy projects
  • Astrology

If you have a child that has a school project about himself, it might be an interesting detail to add. Or perhaps, you are doing a project about your family.

It would be a nice touch to add the time you were born.

Probably the most common reason someone wants to learn the time they were born is astrology.

To receive an accurate reading, it isn’t only essential to know the day and year you were born. It is also key to know the hour.

The time you were born is a key element when it comes to astrology.

There are a few methods you can use to find out the time of your birth.

How to Find Time of Birth

From simple questions to requesting government documents, you can use different methods to figure out the time of your birth.

Some of the most common ways are:

  • Asking your parents
  • Asking the hospital you were born in
  • Getting a birth certificate

There are some positives and negatives to using these different methods.

Method Positives Negatives
Asking parents It is the easiest and quickest way. It is also free. They may not remember, and it’s not an official record.
Asking the hospital It is usually free. Time-consuming and they may not have your information anymore.
Birth record You will get all of your information, accurately and on an official certificate. You have to pay a fee.

Your parents may tell you a time, but it is not official, and asking the hospital for this type of information may take a lot of effort.

Requesting a birth certificate from an official authority is the most secure way of getting all the details regarding your birth. The type of birth certificate is also key.

Not all forms of this vital record contain the same amount of information.

What Is on a Long-Form Birth Certificate

A long-form birth certificate is also known as a full birth certificate. This certificate includes all legal information including:

  • The time of birth
  • Physician’s signature
  • Parent’s information, including nationality

A certified copy of a long-form birth certificate also has this essential information:

  • The location of the hospital
  • The baby’s gender
  • Parent’s birth information
  • The subject’s full name

Long-form birth certificates are useful for astrology reasons. Such as knowing your solar arc or making predictions about your future.

Additionally, it can also be useful if you ever decide to adopt a child.

If the principal motive for obtaining a birth certificate is to know your time of birth, it’s a good idea to get a long-form birth certificate.

How to Get a Birth Certificate

Depending on your state, you may need to meet specific criteria to be able to access a birth record.

If you want to access someone else’s record, you will need to meet even further criteria.

These are basic requirements to apply for a birth certificate:

  • Name of the person who appears on the certificate
  • Date of birth
  • Where the birth took place

These requirements must be met by anyone in every state.

Certificates are considered to be public records but are only given to the public after a specific amount of time depending on the state.

If it is your name on the certificate, then you only need to provide your identification and the other basic criteria. In general, this can be done at any moment if you are over the age of 18.

Where to find birth records

There are some resources you can use to apply for a birth record. Different authorities and organizations keep records of your birth, and you can request that they give you this record.

Some examples include:

  • National Vital Records Archives
  • Genealogy websites
  • State Department of Public Health

By applying online, you can get this certified information quickly and without much hassle.