California Vital Records to Become Electronic With Blockchain Technology

Obtaining a copy of your California vital record, such as a birth certificate, is about to become much more manageable.

As blockchain technology is becoming the new normal for making payments, it could become the standard way for county records offices to register vital events.

There are currently a few methods to apply for a California birth certificate, such as:

  • Applying online
  • Applying at a vital records office in person
  • Mailing the application to the vital records office in your county
  • Mailing the application to the Department of Health Services Vital Records Office in Sacramento

The state of California has signed a bill which will digitalize vital records. This means that citizens will soon be able to obtain electronic copies of official documents.

County Birth, Death, and Marriage Records: Blockchain Bill

In September 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom approved a bill that allows for blockchain technology and verifiable credentials to be used at record offices in California counties.

State Senator Robert Hertzberg, who introduced Senate Bill 786, mentioned how essential it is to use blockchain technology to register vital events.

He also expressed how convenient the process will become for anyone to access their records.

“This secure and highly convenient process will allow the average person to access their vital records and shows California is still leading the way for innovation,” Hertzberg stated to CoinDesk in September.

Typically, birth certificate applications take 3-4 weeks to process in California. With blockchain technology, California residents could receive their birth certificates in PDF format in as little as 10 days.

Prevent fraud with blockchain technology

To further back up his claim that blockchain is necessary, Senator Hotzberg mentioned that using blockchain technology was “not only a faster (and) cheaper” it was also “more secure.”

Blockchain is virtually impossible to hack, meaning future birth certificates will be much safer from anyone attempting to commit identity theft or forgery.

Sutter County First to Offer Electronic Vital Records

Sutter Country is set to be the first Californian county to offer vital records electronically.

The county pushed for the use of blockchain technology in 2018, encouraging the bill to be introduced.

Sutter County Clerk-Recorder Donna Johnston, who advocated for the change, commented on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic:

“Having the opportunity to have an electronic birth, death, or marriage certificate delivered electronically to customers would have been extremely beneficial during the pandemic.”

She then explained how this will positively change the vital records for customers:

“Thankfully, with the bill now becoming law, our customers will experience a higher level of service in a safe, effective, and expedited manner.”

The implementation of blockchain technology will make it much faster to get a copy of a vital record, cut government costs, and prevent identity fraud.

If you need a copy of a vital record, simply complete the online form and request your document in minutes.