Is your Birth Certificate a bond? Debunking the myth

If you have heard or read that the birth certificate is a bond, we are here to tell you that this is not true. Birth certificate bonds do not exist and are not real.

Different platforms have made claims that a United States birth certificate is a negotiable instrument that can be used for several purposes, including making purchases that will be charged to a “Exemption Account” or request saving bonds held by the government in your name or owed to you.

However, a birth certificate cannot be used to purchase anything or for paying bills. More importantly a birth certificate cannot be used to request saving bonds held by the government. The term ‘exemption account’ is an invented term. These accounts do not exist now, and have never existed in the Treasury system.

U.S. citizens are often asked to obtain a certified copy of their birth certificate to get a U.S. passport, a driver’s license, register in school or get married. A birth certificate however, cannot be used to obtain money. The birth certificate bond is a myth that has been spreading around to get U.S. citizens to buy false services.

Where did the story about the birth certificate bond start?

According to different sources, it seems that the scam goes something like this: when the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1933, the federal government went bankrupt. Thanks to the help of the Federal Reserve Bank, the government became a corporation which converted the bodies of its citizens into capital value.

Scam blogs or videos tell people that the government converted the bodies of its citizens into capital value by trading the birth certificates of its citizens on the open market, making each citizen a corporate asset. These citizens value was then controlled by the government.

For citizens to gain control of their “alleged assets”, scams tell U.S. citizens that they can file a UCC-1 Financial Statement, activate a Treasury Direct Account (TDA), or created bonds by using a Savings Bond Calculator. All of these scams, whether they are videos or blogs, advertise that you can use your birth certificate bond and get rid of all your debt, or that you will be able to collect securities.

Some of these online businesses falsely offer to sell you a video, webinar, or coaching session on how to get your money. Nonetheless, no U.S. citizen has ever gained any anything from these false services.

What you should know about birth certificate bonds

As a U.S. citizen you must know that there is no monetary value adhered to your birth certificate or to your social security number. TreasuryDirect accounts must be funded by the owner to have value.

Furthermore, the Savings Bond calculator is a tool used to calculate the value of a bond based on an issue date and denomination entered. The calculator only checks whether the issue date and denomination entered are a valid combination. It does not verify whether the bond actually exists. The calculator also is not capable of verifying the validity of a serial number or confirm the ownership of the bond.

It is very important that you are aware that trying to defraud the U.S. government by claiming rights to false securities is a violation of federal law. The Justice Department can and will prosecute these crimes. Beware that these false blogs and videos are trying to sell you a product that does not exist.

Remember that your birth certificate can only be used for certain purposes, and these have nothing to do with claiming money that you are owed.

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