When do I need a Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is an important document that includes personal information that helps prove the identity of a citizen. Birth certificates are also used to prove a citizen’s age, relationship, and citizenship.

Birth certificates are usually required as proof of identity when applying for other forms of identification.

Some identification documents for which you may need a birth certificate include:

Other instances where a certified copy of a birth certificate are needed include:

In all of the above situations, it is mandatory to present a certified copy of a birth certificate. A plain photocopy of a birth certificate has no legal validity and will not be acceptable.

Certified copies of a birth certificate are issued by a vital records office and carry the registrar’s raised, embossed, multi-colored seal, as well as their signature and the date the record was filed.

The easiest way to obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate is to order online. Simply fill out a birth certificate application form, print and sign it, post it with the required documents and fees. Once issued, the birth certificate will be sent to your preferred address by mail.