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Applying for a vital records certificate now is advisable since it allows citizens to secure their vital records as soon as possible.

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Amarillo, TX Birth Certificate Replacement

Citizens born in the City of Amarillo, are issued a Texas birth certificate as soon as their birth is officially registered.

This essential legal document is a mandatory requirement for several U.S. official processes, such as when an Amarillo citizen needs to:

  • Obtain a government-issued identification document, including a passport, a social security card, a driver’s license, amongst others
  • Enroll in school university, or sports activities
  • Get married

If your Amarillo, TX birth certificate got lost, stolen, or was misplaced or destroyed —even partially— you will have to obtain an Amarillo birth certificate replacement.

Applying for a legally-valid copy of an Amarillo, TX vital record can be conveniently done online, eliminating the need to wait in line at a vital statistics office.

Ordering an Amarillo, TX birth certificate online is a quick and straightforward procedure. The form takes no more than 10 minutes to complete and we provide personalized instructions to help you complete your birth certificate application with ease.

Once your Amarillo birth certificate replacement application has been processed, you will receive an official copy of your vital record directly to your home address.

Amarillo, TX Birth Certificate types

These are the specific types of birth certificate copies that can be issued in Amarillo, TX:

  • Long-form copy of an Amarillo, TX birth certificate: a government-issued copy of the original document, the only type that can be used for legal purposes.
  • Short-form copy of an Amarillo, TX birth certificate: an abstract of the birth record that only shows the individual's basic information. Also known as informational copy. It cannot be used for legal purposes.

Long-form authorized copies are the only certificates that can be provided to prove identity, nationality, and age and are necessary for several bureaucratic processes such as applying for a U.S. passport or Social Security number.

Official copies carry the registrar’s raised, embossed, impressed, or multicolored seal, as well as the registrar’s signature, and the date the certificate was filed with the registrar’s office.

How to Get a Certified Birth Certificate in City of Amarillo

To order an authorized copy of an Amarillo (TX) birth certificate:

  1. Fill out the birth certificate application (available by clicking the button at the top of this page) with the required information
  2. Print and sign it in the presence of a notary public
  3. Mail it to the Texas a vital records office with the necessary requirements, a prepaid self-addressed envelope, and payment (as detailed in the personalized instructions you will receive)

Your certified copy will be issued and sent by mail to the address printed on your self-addressed postage-paid envelope.

Copies of Amarillo Birth and Death Certificates may be ordered by mailing your application package to the following address:

Amarillo Office of Vital Statistics
PO Box 1971
Amarillo, TX 79105

Citizens of Amarillo city who would prefer to submit their birth certificate application in person, may do so at the following address during walk-in hours —although this usually entails waiting in line:

Potter County Vital Records
Amarillo Office of Vital Statisticsr
601 S. Buchanan, First floor
Amarillo, TX 79101

As of May 3rd, 2023, U.S. citizens and residents must have a REAL ID-compliant driving license or ID card to enter federal facilities and board commercial aircraft. Requirements to obtain a REAL ID may include proof of identity, such as a certified copy of the birth certificate.

Amarillo birth certificate requirements

To get a certified copy of a City of Amarillo, TX birth certificate, you will need to complete the online birth certificate application with the following personal data:

  • Gender
  • Date and place of birth
  • Reason to request the certificate (state “Apostille” if you need to use the record abroad)
  • Full name (as it would appear on the certificate)
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Father’s name prior to first marriage

Applicants submitting their birth certificate application by mail may be asked to sign the application form in the presence of a notary public as well as providing a sworn statement.

Citizens filing their Laredo birth certificate application in person may be required to sign their form in the clerk’s presence upon arrival eliminating the need to have it notarized.

Citizens applying for a certified copy of an Amarillo, TX birth certificate need to prove their identity and that they are over 18 years old.

Proof of identity can be provided using any of the following documents:

  • US passport
  • US citizen ID card
  • US Driver's license
  • Federal or state ID card
  • Visa
  • SENTRI card
  • Pilot's license
  • Military ID card
  • Re-entry permit
  • Advance parole
  • Refugee travel document
  • License to Carry a Handgun
  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

Some applicants may be required to comply with additional conditions or provide additional documentation alongside the Amarillo birth certificate application depending on their relationship with the certificate holder.

For example, proof of guardianship, marriage, a court order, or copies of vital records may be needed to verify the relationship between the applicant and the person named on the certificate.

Who is eligible to apply

An official copy of an Amarillo, TX birth certificate can be ordered by:

  • The certificate holder
  • An immediate family member: parents, grandparents, children, siblings, spouse
  • Local, state and federal law enforcement or governmental agencies and legal representatives when providing legal documentation (such as a court order establishing guardianship) that demonstrates a direct, tangible interest in the vital record

How to Request an Apostille for an Amarillo Birth Certificate

Citizens born in Amarillo, TX who need to present their birth certificate outside the United States will have to make sure their document bears an apostille to provide it with legal validity abroad.

This can be done by following these simple steps:

  1. Order a certified copy of the Amarillo, Texas Birth Certificate
  2. When applying, state "Apostille" as the reason for your birth certificate order
  3. Upon receiving the certified copy of the Amarillo, TX birth certificate, mail the complete document to the Texas Secretary of State's office** with the required apostille fee for authentication. Please note that certified copies submitted must have been issued within the past 5 years

Texas Authentications Unit street address:

Secretary of State

Authentications Unit
1019 Brazos
Austin, TX 78701
Walk-In Service: Room 106

Texas Authentications unit PO BOX:

Secretary of State

Authentications Unit
PO Box 13550
Austin, TX 78711-3550

Amarillo (TX) Birth Certificate Cost

Requesting a copy of an Amarillo, (TX) birth certificate carries a fee. The filing fee of each copy of a birth certificate is $22 per copy.

Accepted payment methods include personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, and business checks.

Please note that the fee for your Amarillo birth certificate application may vary depending on whether you submit it at the state vital records office or at the county vital records office.

Amarillo (TX) Birth Certificate Processing Times

In most cases, your Amarillo birth certificate order will be filled within {processing_time}. However, some vital records may take longer due to peak demand periods.

You will then receive your certified copy of the Amarillo, Texas (TX) birth certificate by post, delivered right to your door.

Important note: Birth certificate processing times depend on whether your order is sent to the State Vital Records Office or your County Vital Records Office. Some county offices may issue a short-form birth certificate copy _unless _they are requesting a certified copy of a birth record originally filed in their office.

Texas Vital Records Office

The following is a complete list of Vital Records and Health offices in Texas that can provide Birth Certificate copies. Keep in mind that county offices may not be near you, but they can sometimes process requests faster.

FAQs About Amarillo, Texas (TX) Birth Certificates

  • Where can I get a birth certificate in Amarillo TX?

    Amarillo, Texas birth certificates can be obtained online, by mail, and in person at the vital records office.

    Regardless of the submission method you choose, the fastest way to ensure your Amarillo birth certificate is issued on the first try is to:

    • Complete the form online (available by clicking the button above)
    • Have our experts revise your TX birth certificate application form before you submit it
    • Follow our personalized instructions
  • How much does an Amarillo birth certificate cost?

    Getting a certified copy of a Texas birth certificate in Amarillo TX, or the rest of Laredo requires the payment of the state fees.

    Each copy of an Amarillo birth certificate carries a cost of $22.

    It is recommended to order multiple copies of the same birth certificate within the same application form to keep on file or for future use.

  • How can I get a birth certificate in Amarillo, Texas?

    To get a copy of a birth certificate in Amarillo:

    • The certificate holder must be a Texas-born citizen
    • Fill out the TX online birth certificate application form (available by clicking on the button above). Our experts will review your form to ensure it is mistake-free so your document can be issued on the first try
    • Once revised, print, sign and post the Amarillo birth certificate application form with the fee and photocopies of the chosen ID (full list above)

    The form can be submitted by mail to avoid waiting in line at the vital records office or in-person, where available.

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