Register of deeds definition

When someone purchases real state property, the buyer receives a written document known as "the deed." This document transfers title and ownership of the property from the seller to the purchaser and until the deed is delivered to you or your authorized agent, the conveyance of real state is not done. However, there is one more step before the ownership is fully transferred.

What does a register of deeds do?

Once the deed has been completed, it should be recorded in the county where the property is located. The purpose of recording it is to make public that you now have an ownership interest in that piece of property. To record the deed, yo must go to the Register of deeds or the Deeds registry, and present the document that must meet statutory and local requirements.

This register office is a local government entity tasked with maintaining public records and documents relating to real estate ownership. In most counties, the public officers responsible for maintaining land, mortgages, and other instruments that relate to real property in official record books are the registers or recorders of deeds.

In some states, the work of a recorder of deeds is carried out by the county clerk, and the official may be called a clerk-recorder or recorder-clerk.

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