Place of Birth definition

A place of birth (POB) is the location where a person was born. This information is used for many necessary purposes such as proof of citizenship, birth records, and is listed on a number of crucial identifying documents.

Knowing your place of birth can be essential for filling in legal documents or replacing vital records such as your original birth certificate.

Read on to learn more about when knowing your official birthplace might be needed and what you should list when providing this information.

Which Documents Require My Place of Birth?

There are a few documents where you must provide your place of birth. These include important official ID such as your:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport

In order to obtain a new copy of these documents, you will need to include this information along with other data requested on the respective application form. Additionally, you will find this information listed on a birth certificate or passport if you need to double-check your POB to fill in a form.

How to Identify My Place of Birth

It is important to understand what is meant exactly by your place of birth when acquiring vital records and filling in passport applications. Should you put your residence of birth (your family home at the time) or the specific location of the hospital you were born in?

In this case, you must enter the county or municipality that you were born in rather than where you lived. This will usually be where the hospital you were born in was located. As a result, you may have a different place of birth to where you grew up.