Known Traveler Number (KTN) definition

The Known Traveler Number is your membership number with a Trusted Traveler Program. This is a nine-digit number that usually begins with 98 and can be found on your Trusted Traveler Program website and that allows you to access TSA PreCheck security lanes and Global Entry lanes. Also, when booking flights, there is usually a box where you can enter your Known Traveler Number (KTN)..

What is the Trusted Traveler Program?

The Trusted Traveler Programs, managed by the Department of Homeland Security, are "risk-based programs to facilitate the entry of pre-approved travelers". Applicants are assessed to ensure that they meet the qualifications for the program.

In order to obtain a Known Traveler Number, you must accept to participate in one of the four Trusted Traveler Programs:

  1. Global Entry
  2. NEXUS
  4. TSA PreCheck (recommended for travel within the U.S.)

How do I find my Known Traveler Number?

You may find your Known Traveler Number (sometimes known as PASS ID) on the back side of your Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI card.

If you only belong to the TSA PreCheck program, you must log in to the Trusted Traveler Program website to check your PASSID, which is your KTN. If you lose your Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI card, you still will be able to use the Trusted Traveler Program site to recover your number.