Keepsake Birth Certificate definition

The term "keepsake birth certificate" refers to a copy of your original birth certificate that can be purchased for personal, non-official use in Alabama.

This document is not a certified copy of your vital record and cannot be used for any legal purposes.

It’s also important to note that this type of birth certificate cannot be used as a form of ID.

In other states, a similar certificate exists, known as an heirloom birth certificate. Similar to a keepsake certificate, it is not intended for legal use, and cannot be used as proof of citizenship.

This type of personalized birth certificate is only meant to be a decoration, and it can be received in a customized way. There are several designs that can be chosen from.

Framing is done by the governing body that issues it.

How to Get a Keepsake Birth Certificate

Alabama only allows the release of birth certificates to the public after 125 years from the date of birth.

To obtain a keepsake birth certificate, you need to be one of the following:

  • Person named on the certificate
  • Parent of the individual named on the certificate
  • Spouse of the individual named on the certificate
  • Son or daughter of the individual named on the certificate
  • Sibling of the individual named on the certificate

The Center of Health Statistics is the governing body that can issue a keepsake birth certificate.

Each keepsake birth certificate costs 45 dollars in Alabama.