Heirloom Birth Certificate definition

A heirloom birth certificate is a personalized birth certificate with specially designed details and background security features. It has usally an engraved intaglio border, a gold embossed seal, and it is printed on heirloom-quality paper.

In most cases, state laws prevent issuance of a heirloom birth certificate to persons whose births were established by court order or delayed record procedures. Heirloom birth certificates are not intended as legal proof of citizenship, either.

The only people allowed to request such a certificate are the person named on the birth certificate or their immediate family members. Heirloom Birth Certificates may be issued only to the following individuals:

  1. The child named on the record
  2. A parent named on the record
  3. The legal guardian
  4. An heir of a deceased individual

When birth records are over 100 years old, they tend to be made available to anyone who applies.

How to obtain a heirloom Birth Certificate

To obtain a heirloom birth certificate, the applicant usually has to follow the state-level set of instructions relevant when requesting a certified copy of a birth certificate.

In some cases, one might be able to purchase a gift certificate for an heirloom birth certificate to be given as a gift. In those instances, the recipient of the gift certificate will need to complete the application.

States that issue heirloom Birth Certificates

Only some states offer the option of requesting a heirloom birth certificate. Currently those states are: Alaska, Delaware, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas and Washington State.