Form DS 1350 definition

Form DS 1350 (also known as a Certificate of Report of Birth) is a discontinued document that was used to identify and formally establish the rights to US citizenship of individuals born overseas. This originally replaced form FS 545 in 1990 and has since been replaced with form FS 240 as of 2011.

Whilst this vital record is no longer issued by worldwide US embassies and consular offices it is still a valid form of ID when proving your citizenship. Find out below how it can be used to identify individuals and when it may be necessary to prove your identity.

How to Prove Identity and US Citizenship With a DS 1350 Form

When issued a document for a birth abroad, such as a DS 1350 form, holders or their parents may use the vital record to prove their individual identity or apply for government documents such as:

They will also be able to use it when claiming government benefits they are eligible for and to attain the right to residency in the United States. It grants the same access to privileges as the use of a birth certificate registered in the US.