How do I request a birth certificate?

Thanks to our online platform, requesting a birth certificate has never been easier. You simply need to complete your birth state’s application form, pay the state fees, and follow the instructions. We provide personalized instructions with easy to follow steps that will tell you exactly what you need to do. Some states require you prove your identity by providing a copy of your photo ID or having your application notarized.

How do I request a birth certificate for a newborn?

Every birth in the U.S. is recorded, and a birth certificate is issued as proof. A birth certificate is an important document used to prove identity and to apply for government benefits and other important documents like a driver’s license and passport. You can quickly obtain a copy of your baby’s birth certificate through our secure vital record services. You will need to provide your baby’s full name, date and place of birth, parents’ names, mother’s maiden (birth) name, and the address to which the certificate is to be sent.

Some hospitals may provide you with an order form during your hospital stay. It is recommended that you request a copy of your baby’s birth certificate as soon as possible, usually about one month after the birth as it takes about a month for the information to be officially recorded.

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