How to Order a Birth Certificate Online During Covid Lockdown

Last updated May 27th, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many aspects of American life. Lockdown measures make it harder to carry out tasks that we did not think about twice before COVID-19 hit in the beginning of 2020.

To ensure social distancing and safe practices, many government offices remain closed to the public across the U.S. However, life goes on and office closures do not mean that you have to delay registering a birth during COVID-19 or requesting a copy of your birth certificate.

Although several vital records offices are closed, they keep processing requests and applications. If you need a birth certificate or other essential legal document to carry out bureaucratic procedures, you may have several options available to request it safely, including online applications.

Are Walk-In Vital Records Services Working during COVID-19?

Before COVID-19, state health departments and county offices offered walk-in services for American citizens who wanted to apply for copies of their vital records.

Although processing times were relatively short, walk-in services may cause long waiting lines at the office, which may pose a higher risk of infection.

That is why most state health departments have closed their offices to the public.

The decision is up to state authorities and while some may remain open, it is quite rare for a state health department to offer walk-in vital records services these days.

How to Get a Birth Certificate during COVID-19: Available Options

If your state’s health department has suspended walk-in services, you have several options available:

  • Make an appointment. Some vital records offices allow for in-person applications by appointment only. This is not always possible though, and you may experience long waiting times to reserve a slot.
  • Apply online with the state department. Most states allow citizens to request or replace their birth certificate online. In case of incorrect or incomplete information in the application, however, they do not refund the application fee.
  • Apply online with an independent provider. Services like US Birth Certificates can assist you with your application and help you make sure that everything is filed correctly.

How to order a birth certificate online during COVID lockdown

If you decide to order your birth certificate online, you will be able to obtain a birth certificate from your home, without having to expose yourself to the risk of infection.

You must follow the below steps and you will receive your certificate at your doorstep:

  1. Fill out the application form online with the required information
  2. Print out and sign the form and put it in an envelope with your name and address, the relevant supporting documents and application fee (do not send cash)
  3. Ship it to the relevant vital records office

If you have completed the application correctly, you will receive your birth certificate or other requested documents delivered directly to your home address.

Which Vital Records Offices Are Closed Due to COVID-19?

The majority of state health department offices are closed to the public but are still processing birth certificate requests. Please check with your state and keep in mind that you may be able to apply with your local county office too.

The below offices are currently closed to the public

  • Alabama Vital Records
  • Los Angeles County RR/CC
  • Contra Costa County Recorder
  • Orange County Health Care Agency
  • San Bernardino County Recorder
  • San Francisco County Assessor-Recorder
  • San Francisco County Clerk
  • Santa Clara County Recorder
  • Colorado Vital Statistics
  • D.C. Vital Records
  • Miami-Dade County Health Department
  • Fulton County Bureau of Vital Statistics
  • Georgia Department of Public Health
  • Iowa Vital Records
  • Illinois Dept. of Public Health
  • Cook County Clerk
  • St. Claire County Clerk
  • Indiana State Dept. of Health
  • Dubois County Health Department
  • Kansas Vital Records
  • Kentucky Vital Records
  • Massachusetts Vital Records
  • Maryland Vital Records
  • City of Detroit Vital Records
  • Wayne County Clerk
  • Hennepin County Vital Records
  • Missouri Dept. of Health and Senior Services
  • Mississippi Vital Records
  • Nevada Vital Records
  • New York State Vital Records
  • New York City Department of Health
  • Ohio Vital Records
  • Oklahoma Vital Records
  • Pennsylvania Vital Records
  • Puerto Rico Department of Health
  • South Carolina Vital Records
  • South Dakota Vital Records
  • Hughes County Register of Deeds
  • Tennessee Vital Records
  • Texas Department of Health
  • Austin Vital Statistics
  • City of Dallas Bureau of Vital Statistics
  • El Paso County Clerk
  • City of College Station
  • Virginia Vital Records
  • Washington State Center for Health Statistics
  • Chelan Douglas Health District
  • Clark County Health Department
  • Cowlitz County Health Department
  • Grant County Vital Records
  • Kitsap Public Health District
  • Pierce County Vital Records
  • Seattle and King County Public Health Department
  • Snohomish Vital Records
  • Spokane Vital Records
  • Whitman County Public Health
  • Yakima Health District
  • Milwaukee County Register of Deeds
  • West Virginia Vital Registration

This list may not be exhaustive. It is important to call before you go to your local office.


Can I get a birth certificate during lockdown?

Yes, vital records requests are being processed. How to obtain your birth certificate during lockdown depends on your state. Your local vital records office may be closed and you may only be able to apply online and receive your birth certificate in the mail, or you may be allowed to book an appointment. Please check with your local authorities.

Are birth certificate online services working during COVID-19?

Yes, online services continue to be available as usual during lockdown. Make sure to fill out the application in all of its parts with accurate and complete information. You will receive your certificate at your doorstep.

How long will my online birth certificate processing take during lockdown?

This depends on several factors. First of all, processing times for birth certificate requests vary by state department and even vital records offices. County offices that may seem further away from you may be quicker to process your application due to the lower volume of requests compared to central state offices. Although some offices are experiencing delays due to COVID-19, most requests are actually unaffected by the pandemic and are processed on time. Moreover, delivery times depend on the carrier of your choice.

How much does it cost to order a birth certificate online during the pandemic?

Each state charges a different fee for retrieving and processing vital records. Usually, each copy of your birth certificate or required document will carry a separate fee. Independent providers may charge an extra fee to review your application and give you personalized instructions to ensure a successful application. Moreover, shipping costs depend on the carrier of your choice.