How to Get a Birth Certificate From Another State

Last updated November 24th, 2023

After losing a vital record —even more so when living in a different location, nationals are left with a sense of urgency to obtain a birth certificate replacement.

Whether the record from another state or one of a US citizen born abroad was misplaced, destroyed or stolen, a few details have to be understood in order to know how to get the document replaced.

There is no national standard for birth certificates in the United States. US birth certificates are _not _issued at the federal level but rather at the state or county level.

In consequence, getting a birth certificate from a different state than the one they were born in may vary depending on several factors.

Whether getting your own birth certificate or that of a third-person, read on to find out the most effective way to have a legally-valid birth certificate issued out of state.

Out-of-state Birth Certificates

The process, the required information, and documentation needed to obtain a birth certificate copy out-of-state vary from one state to another.

Furthermore, the birth state also determines who can get a birth certificate copy:

  • Certain states have open birth records —or public records. This means that anyone that has the necessary information about the certificate holder can request an official copy of a birth certificate.

  • Other states have closed birth records. In this case, only the certificate holder, immediate family members and a handful of authorized persons can get a copy.

Requirements for birth certificates from another state

The requirements to obtain a birth certificate copy from another state vary depending on the birth state of the certificate holder.

In general, to obtain a birth certificate from another state, the applicant will usually need:

  • The certificate bearer’s name, date, gender, and place of birth

  • The mother’s name and maiden name

  • The father’s name

  • The parent’s marital status at the time of birth —only required in some states

States with closed records may require additional documents to prove the applicant is qualified to obtain an interstate certificate for a third person — this can include court orders or affidavits.

Long-form or short-form interstate birth certificates

The next thing to understand is that there are different types of birth certificate copies that can be ordered in the United States. Each type of birth certificate serves a different purpose so it is important to order the right kind.

  • Long-form certified copies of birth certificates can be used to prove a citizen’s identity, age and citizenship.

In order to protect citizens from identity theft, requesting this type of birth certificate generally requires the applicant to be an eligible individual and for them to prove their identity.

  • Short-form birth certificate copies usually bear the message “not valid for identification purposes” printed across the face of the document.

This type of birth certificate is usually easier to obtain.

Documents for birth certificates from another state

When requesting a birth certificate copy, each state has different acceptable forms of identification documents that are suitable to prove the applicant’s identity.

In general, most states require one or more of the following government-issued identification documents:

  • US passport card or book

  • Driver’s license

  • State-issued photo identification

Some states, like Texas, offer many more options of acceptable IDs.

Out-of-state Online Birth Certificate

Whether the birth certificate is needed to get a Social Security Card replacement or to request a passport, ordering online is the solution with the least amount of hassle.

It is no longer necessary to travel to the birth state and stand in line at a vital records office.

To order a birth certificate copy online, simply choose the appropriate birth state to view the specific requirements, then follow these steps to have the birth certificate delivered to your door:

  1. Fill out the form

  2. Print and sign the birth certificate application form

  3. Mail it with the necessary documents and fees —the mailing address is included for each state

Birth Certificate for Someone Else in Another State

When ordering an interstate birth certificate for a third-person, it is usually necessary to:

  • Be a qualified individual

  • Have the certificate holder’s consent or a power of attorney

  • Have the necessary information —as explained above in detail

  • Have the necessary documentation at hand

Getting a birth certificate copy for someone else from a state where birth records are open will be easier. The application process is the same as described above, and the vital records will be delivered to the applicant by post as soon as they are issued.